Different PCB Plating Finishes At www.pcbnet.com

The finish plating of a printed circuit board is very critical because it serves as protection to the exposed copper circuits and it also ensures that the soldered surface is intact, which is needed in assembling components to the board. The finish plating is essentially some type of coating between a bare board PCB and a component.

pcb boardPrinted circuit boards (PCBs) have surface copper finishes that need to be protected. If left without a finishing, it will characteristically oxidize and deteriorate. If this happens, the circuit board will be unusable.

Companies have several choices when it comes to types of surface finishes. PCB companies offer various choices. The most common choice is the Lead Solder. Other choices are Lead-Free, Immersion Tin, Organic Solder ability Preservative (OSP), Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Gold, and Immersion Silver. In choosing the right finishing, companies have to adhere to regulations. PCB companies adhere to RoHS and WEEE standards.

What are RoHS and WEEE standards?

RoHS means Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It restricts the use of substances in electronic manufacturing that are deemed to be hazardous to one’s health. In a PCB manufacturing company, all the components that they use have to be tested for the presence of toxic substances such as Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, and Polybrominated Biphenyls.

The lead component should be no more than .1% of the material –

On the other hand, WEEE stands for The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive of the European Union. WEEE outlines several directives with the objective of enhancing the efficiency of resources, particularly electronic equipment. PCB manufacturing companies must adhere to both RoHS and WEEE standards. One such company is Imagineering Inc. Upon visiting their website www.pcbnet.com, visitors and prospective clients will find the WEEE approved seal and the RoHS compliance that they apply on their surface finishes.

Here www.pcbnet.com , you can get the various choices for clients –

PCB Fabrication Company Imagineering, Inc. offers various finishes for clients. Clients get to choose among these types of common finishes: leaded solder, lead free solder, immersion gold, immersion silver, white tin, and OSP. All these finishes are RoHS compliant. The company has been a leading manufacturer and full turnkey contractor of PCBs since 1985. Being in the market for so long, the company has garnered quite a reputation in the industry, with various certifications and accreditations from the industry.

In their bid to be more responsive to the current needs of their customers, they always come up with innovations in customer support. Recently, their website www.pcbnet.com now offers a direct ordering form. When clients go to www.pcbnet.com, they can directly fill up an ordering form. The ordering form has board specifications such as part number, number of layers, finish plating, copper weight, dimensions, materials, and thickness. It also has choices for board quantities.  Customers can complete the form online and submit to Imagineering Inc. in order to get a quote. Companies consider many things in choosing the finish plating that they will use for their PCBs.

What are the major differences and benefits of choosing one type of finish over the other?

PCBThe most common type of surface finish is HASL, which can have either lead or lead-free components. This has the lowest cost and is available in most PCB production companies. It also has a long shelf life. However, the lead component option might be a disadvantage, especially for those companies such as www.pcbnet.com who strictly adhere to standards set by governing institutions.

The next type, OSP or Organic Solder ability Preservative are also called anti-tarnish preserves. It is a water based surface finish, that’s why it is environmentally-friendly and lead-free. It is cost-effective to use OSP because it requires low equipment maintenance and it is easily repairable. However, it has a short shelf life and it has sensitivity issues while it is being handled.

The next type of finish is immersion tin. It is a very good choice because it is lead-free and highly reliable. It is also cost-effective and it can easily substitute for reflowed solder. Some of its disadvantages are that it has some handling concerns such as limited rework, tin whiskering, and it contains a known carcinogen called thiourea.

Both immersion silver and immersion gold are very good choices. Their benefits far outweigh the cost. They are both RoHS compliant and have high stability. However, gold is quite expensive to use and silver has the tendency to tarnish.

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Why You Should Opt For Iron on Patches

The use of iron on patches has become very popular in the past few years. A lot of people use these clothing accessories to cover holes or other damages to their apparel. Essentially, they are simple yet functional items used to repair clothing. However, as time passed by, people found out that these items offer a number of benefits not only in the world of fashion but also in many other fields such as the military, businesses, and schools to name a few.

Iron on Patches

One of the best things about this type of patch is the enhancement done in the glues. These days, an iron on patch can remain firm where it is attached. In fact, not only the glue but also the materials used are highly durable that they can withstand any washing or cleaning process. Hence, you can be sure that your investment in these patches will definitely last for a long period. In addition, the enhancement in the quality of glues and materials has also opened up a new market for this type of patches. Nowadays, screen print and embroidery companies are providing iron on patches as the best option for their valued customers.

Orders for this type of patches are usually below 100 pieces. This is maybe because people want to get these patches as quickly as possible. However, if you ordered for 15 basketball jerseys, you have to understand that it would still require a significant amount of time. In setting up embroidery, artwork adjustments and digitizing are also involved. Thus, the cost of 15 pieces basketball jerseys gets quite expensive. However, with iron on patches, a reliable supplier will be able to set up your order quickly and can even add multiple orders to a setup. This leads to reducing set up time and hence the prices will become more affordable for you without compromising on the efficiency of production processes.


Another reason to opt for this type of patch is the digital capabilities of state of the art print methods used these days. A print technology used today is far superior to the methods used in the past. In the late 1970s, embroidery became very popular. However, there was no way to create quality images using the technology available back then. In addition, patch manufacturers make use of manual processes such as screen-printing, in which every color used is screened to the dress material. Thus, most logos that you see in the recent past are quite simple with usually not more than three colors.

Nevertheless, producing iron on patches makes use of new printing technologies that have superior digital capabilities. When you go for this type of patches, you can surely get the items that suit your needs perfectly.

These days, the use of digital images is an in demand trend. Most online companies display complex logos. However, these complex logos are quite difficult to recreate for apparel, hats and bags. This is where a reputable patch vendor steps in. A dependable patch supplier is able to produce any design with perfection. You have to be very careful when choosing a supplier as there are many heat transfer companies that make use of poor quality materials such as petroleum based ones. These materials will not look good on the dress material, as they do not produce a smooth feel in the clothing material where they are attached.
Iron on PatchesWhen looking for iron on patches, it is necessary to do a little research first on a number of reliable suppliers. This way, you will be able to compare rates and product quality. Thus, you can acquire the items that suit perfectly your needs and budget. These patches can repair your clothes and even enhance their visual appeal when you are able to get the items that match your wardrobe.

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Basic Guide to Different Kinds of Golf Bags

Golfers can’t simply store the golf clubs and golf putters anywhere, regardless if they are in the country club or at home. Golf clubs are expensive and require proper care.Rockbottomgolf

Furthermore, most country clubs will not admit golfers without the proper attire and golfing materials. By the time you start to shop and browse for golf bags, you will notice that there are different kinds of golf bags available at www.Rockbottomgolf.com site. As a golfer, it is an expectation of you to know the specific purposes of these bags. It may be quite embarrassing on your part to be totally clueless about your needs when shopping for a bag.

1.Carry Bag

Carry bags are the lightest. They weigh just around 2 lbs because they are made of lighter materials and are less structured than the rest. They also lack stand legs that are found in most bags for golfing. Carry bags are minimalist bags that are ideal for golfers who do a lot of walking around the golf course. If you have other golf bags with you and decide to buy carry a bag, you will notice that carry bags have less pockets. Most bags have at least 6 pockets. Carry bags only have enough pockets to accommodate other golfing basics such as gloves, spare golf balls, tees and beverage. Inside the main compartment, there is also less division. Carry bags only have two-way dividers whereas other bags have around 4, 6 and 16 divisions.

2.Stand Bag

Stand bags can be distinguished by their two retractable legs. The retractable legs allow the stand bag to remain upright and to stand canted, meaning stand bags can stand diagonally, thus allowing the golfer an easier access to the golf clubs. The retractable legs can either retract to allow the stand bag to remain upright or to extend to stabilize the stand bag diagonally. With that said, stand bags can remain upright on turfs. Stand bags also have a shoulder backpack-like strap and an ergonomically designed padding to support the hips. It is also ideal for golfers who like to walk around the course. Because of its features, it weighs around 5 lbs. Stand bags can also be used with push and pull carts.

3.Cart Bag

Carts bags are relatively smaller than other golf bags. Carts bags weigh around 7 lbs and are designed to be carried in golf carts or pull/ push carts. Some country clubs require using golf carts therefore cart bags are the best option for this. These bags can be carried around but they are not designed to be carried around. This makes cart bags not ideal if you want to walk around the golf course often. Cart bags have a rubber base to prevent it from slipping down the golf cart.

4.Staff Bag

RockbottomgolfStaff bags are often used specially by professional golfers on tournament. They are also called tour bags. Sometimes the sponsor’s provides the staff bags, thus you may see company logos on staff bags. These bags are big, heavy and luxurious. A caddy usually carries golf bags for professional golfers so weight is not an issue with them. To an ordinary golfer, staff bags can be too heavy to push and carry around the golf course. They weigh at least 10 lbs because of the materials used and a lot of space inside. These bags are around 8-12 inches in diameter. Staff bags can accommodate all 14 golf clubs and other golf accessories that a golfer can possibly bring. Above all, staff bags are the most aesthetically pleasing among the rest.

How to Rock Online with SEO

Turning your product or service into a smashing online success can be quite a challenge with all the competitors vying for the same thing.  You may be offering the best items at reasonable prices on your amazing website but still not be getting ROI.

This may be because people don’t get to see what you have to offer. They go online and search for what they need and other companies appear first on the results. The only folks who actually manage to get to your website are the ones who patiently clicked and browsed the options on the last few pages offered. This is a disaster that can affect your company’s profit.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategic online marketing tool that helps your brand rock the online world. When used properly, it can increase your popularity and have a massive impact on your sales.

The obvious question of course is how does SEO help your company rise up from the ranks to become THE ONE? Here are a few song titles to give you an idea of how you can succeed online with clever optimization strategies.

A Matter of Trust

Recent surveys show that consumers put a lot of faith in search engines they use. It’s similar to asking a trusted friend for advice on which doctor to go to or what kind of apple is best for pies. When they go online to look for a product, they rely on the results they receive. The first few options usually jump out as being the best choices in terms of quality and reliability.

Simply put, to succeed online, you need to be a company they believe have their best interests at heart. And if their “friendly neighborhood search engine” recommends you, then you just might be exactly what they need.

You Can Reach Me

Convenience is the key. You want your business to have great products, outstanding service and of course easy to access. Finding you need not be a treasure hunt that customers will need to go through first. When you efficiently utilize online marketing techniques, your prospects can easily locate you. They can see your products and prices online and if they choose to go to your physical store, that would be easy as well. You simplify the shopping process to three simple steps, search, click, buy.



Winning against your competitors is probably the most important fight for your business.  In sports, athletes prepare for every match. In business, you will need to do the same thing for your company. Anticipate that there will be other choices available to your prospects. Expect that your competition will also be trying to close sales. When you accept these facts, you can see how important it is to put up a good fight. By optimizing your site, you increase your chances of getting noticed first. It’s almost like being able to throw the first punch. Who knows, it might end with a TKO. In this case, it might end in a successful sale.

I Heard It from the Grapevine

productThe perfect thing about combining a great product and strategic SEO is that it helps build your customer base. The simplest way it happens is by introducing new customers to you through the search engine results.  What happens after these folks get what they need? They become repeat customers and they tell other people about you.

With today’s technology, word of mouth has an even wider reach. Their friends or family on the other side of the country get encouraged to buy your product or use your service as well.

Imagine how much profit you can make if one happy customer tells two of her friends about you, who in turn tell two of theirs. The possibilities are staggering.

Jump Around

Being online nowadays doesn’t mean that one is stuck in front of a computer. With smart phones quickly becoming a necessity for modern consumers, a new market has been created. Customers now go on the internet en route to where they’re heading to, to either buy necessities or hire services.

Maximize your presence on the World Wide Web by making your site available to mobile users. SEO can work with you to develop these changes so even folks on the go can hear about you.

SEO Service – How Much Does It Cost

Every business, these days, practically needs to think about utilizing an SEO service. Robust internet marketing is very important in order to survive and succeed in the online business competition. With, companies may also ask how much are they are going spend on SEO. This article explains the different payment models for search engine optimization.

1. Monthly Retainer

seoIn the monthly retainer model, clients pay a fixed fee on a monthly basis to acquire an assortment of services agreed upon. This payment model is the most frequently used one simply because it helps yield the maximum return on investment. Monthly retainer agreements generally consist of on-site content improvements, regular analytics reports, press releases, keyword research, link building, and optimization.

Monthly retainer fees usually range from $750 to $5,000 each month. The sum that a client shells out is determined by how large their business is and how much services are presented by the SEO service agency.

2. Project Based Pricing

The project based payment model is comparable to contract solutions. What sets the two apart is that the project based model is composed of customized projects specifically designed for a certain client. Pricing may differ in accordance with the project. As an example, a local pastry shop may request an SEO service agency to assist them with their local internet promotion. The client may choose if they prefer the search engine optimization agency to be the one to set up their social networking accounts. The pastry business and the search engine optimization agency will both make a decision on the range and price of the project.

Actual cost of project based payment models actually vary widely. This is due to the fact that there is also a wide range of projects. The majority of projects, though, cost somewhere between $1,000 and $30,000.

3. Fixed Price Contract Solutions

seoa gencyThe majority of search engine optimization agencies sell contract solutions. In most cases, a client chooses a contract solution that they would like to be accomplished before he becomes prepared to activate a monthly retainer payment model. The services offered by the SEO company are usually publicized on their website, along with their corresponding price. A typical illustration that uses this payment model is a search engine optimization website audit, which could facilitate in the determination of the present good and bad points in the client’s internet visibility and reputation, competitive analysis, and keywords that are most likely to yield positive return on investment.

It is hard to pinpoint a range of price for contract solutions at pre-set prices. Companies that are only trying to make an assessment of search engine optimization commonly opt for this payment model to be its entry point. Standard contract solutions can consist of SEO copywriting that costs $0.15 to $0.50 per word, link profile audit that costs $500 to $7,500, site content audit that costs $500 to $7,500, and social networking website setup that costs $500 to $3,000.

4. Hourly Consultation

This payment model requires the client to pay on a per hour basis in exchange for consultation services and valuable information. The majority of SEO service agencies make use of all of the above payment models. Furthermore, clients are also more likely to hire a company using multiple models. For instance, a client may decide to start a monthly retainer, invest in a contract service, and take part in a special project with the same search engine optimization agency, hence entering into 3 payment models.

Search engine optimization service consultants, whether agencies or individuals, normally charge somewhere from $100 to $300 each hour for the consultation service offered.

4 Reasons SEO Services Are A Good Idea For Your Website

robotsSetting up a website today is a lot different than it was in the past. There was definitely a time in the past where you could setup just about anything and get a flurry of fans to chase your page. In fact, many of these archaic pages are still up and running, and every now and again, they show up on main search indexes. There are some iconoclasts that don’t want to adhere to the notion that SEO services are the best way to go when launching a web property. There’s no two ways about it, if you’re not utilizing one of the top notch services on the web right now, you are going to end up falling short of getting real traffic.

There are 4 major reasons why you need to search out the work of SEO services, and they may surprise you. This is especially true if you’re in a niche or an industry that has some heavy competition among websites, blogs and more. With that in mind, consider the following compilation of ideas.

Reason 1: Your Page Will Get Indexed Faster

First and foremost, you need to have the most up to date indexing on any given search engine. Imagine if you were a blogger and you were posting away, updating on a regular basis. When someone searches for certain keywords and phrases, you want to make sure that your page shows up, right? Well, if your indexing is off or you’re not getting the right kind of attention, you are going to end up having an outdated listing, and that could turn away visitors. Giving the end user the most accurate information about your page is crucial to establishing yourself online. A SEO services could ensure that your page is indexed as soon as you update, without additional pings or anything else.

Reason 2: Your Brand’s Recognition Will Grow

Brand recognition can be the greatest reward of having optimized page structure. Not only that, your internet marketing reach can ensure that you are fresh in the minds of people looking for your site, and any keywords associated with your business. If your brand becomes so recognized that it no longer needs to advertise, you could ride the wave of constant traffic and work on other aspects of your business.

Reason 3: Traffic Generation Becomes Easier

Traffic GenerationOne of the coolest aspects to all of this is simple, traffic generation becomes a thing that is just simple. Imagine having a steady stream of targeted users hitting your page. To simplify this further, imagine if you were selling 1 type of book. You only sold medical books, that’s it. You sold your medical books to medical students searching very specific keywords. Well, you could try and use other formats of advertising and marketing, and hope that the traffic went your way, or you could utilize SEO services and get #1 placement for your keywords. When you’re #1, all students searching for your books will be ready to buy, and therefore convert your site into a cash cow. That is something that is always going to be appealing for business owners of all types.

Reason 4: You Can Save Money in The Long Term

The final reason that services specializing in SEO are not going to go away is again simple, proper search engine optimization takes a lot of time. It is not something that you set and forget, it’s an ever evolving component if internet protocol and the more you work on it, the better the results are going to be. There’s never really an “end date” in regards to this type of internet marketing, which is why so many are using it for maximum traffic generation.