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Basic Guide to Different Kinds of Golf Bags

Golfers can’t simply store the golf clubs and golf putters anywhere, regardless if they are in the country club or at home. Golf clubs are expensive and require proper care.Rockbottomgolf

Furthermore, most country clubs will not admit golfers without the proper attire and golfing materials. By the time you start to shop and browse for golf bags, you will notice that there are different kinds of golf bags available at site. As a golfer, it is an expectation of you to know the specific purposes of these bags. It may be quite embarrassing on your part to be totally clueless about your needs when shopping for a bag.

1.Carry Bag

Carry bags are the lightest. They weigh just around 2 lbs because they are made of lighter materials and are less structured than the rest. They also lack stand legs that are found in most bags for golfing. Carry bags are minimalist bags that are ideal for golfers who do a lot of walking around the golf course. If you have other golf bags with you and decide to buy carry a bag, you will notice that carry bags have less pockets. Most bags have at least 6 pockets. Carry bags only have enough pockets to accommodate other golfing basics such as gloves, spare golf balls, tees and beverage. Inside the main compartment, there is also less division. Carry bags only have two-way dividers whereas other bags have around 4, 6 and 16 divisions.

2.Stand Bag

Stand bags can be distinguished by their two retractable legs. The retractable legs allow the stand bag to remain upright and to stand canted, meaning stand bags can stand diagonally, thus allowing the golfer an easier access to the golf clubs. The retractable legs can either retract to allow the stand bag to remain upright or to extend to stabilize the stand bag diagonally. With that said, stand bags can remain upright on turfs. Stand bags also have a shoulder backpack-like strap and an ergonomically designed padding to support the hips. It is also ideal for golfers who like to walk around the course. Because of its features, it weighs around 5 lbs. Stand bags can also be used with push and pull carts.

3.Cart Bag

Carts bags are relatively smaller than other golf bags. Carts bags weigh around 7 lbs and are designed to be carried in golf carts or pull/ push carts. Some country clubs require using golf carts therefore cart bags are the best option for this. These bags can be carried around but they are not designed to be carried around. This makes cart bags not ideal if you want to walk around the golf course often. Cart bags have a rubber base to prevent it from slipping down the golf cart.

4.Staff Bag

RockbottomgolfStaff bags are often used specially by professional golfers on tournament. They are also called tour bags. Sometimes the sponsor’s provides the staff bags, thus you may see company logos on staff bags. These bags are big, heavy and luxurious. A caddy usually carries golf bags for professional golfers so weight is not an issue with them. To an ordinary golfer, staff bags can be too heavy to push and carry around the golf course. They weigh at least 10 lbs because of the materials used and a lot of space inside. These bags are around 8-12 inches in diameter. Staff bags can accommodate all 14 golf clubs and other golf accessories that a golfer can possibly bring. Above all, staff bags are the most aesthetically pleasing among the rest.